Extraction of natural substances and product development

In addition, SIA CELLARTE conducts experimental agricultural activity related to the cultivation of medicinal herbs. The company uses agricultural land for growing chamomiles and marigold, to be used for the extraction of biologically active substances by means of available technologies. The extracted natural products are to be used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food. From the above-mentioned medicinal herbs, an essential oils fraction and other biologically active lipid fractions, as well as polar compounds shall be extracted, additionally using ethanol as a secondary solvent in the extraction process of supercritical fluids with CO2.

Currently, within the framework of the Latvian Food Industry Competence Center, CELLARTE LTD is implementing a research project co-funded by the EU, aiming to use the method of evaporation to extract the bioflavanoid apigenin and its derivative apigenin-7-o-glycoside, both of which can be used in the manufacturing of functional food products. Apigenin and its derivatives possess good antioxidant properties, and by their action on the nervous system, they present a calming effect. This is one of the reasons why chamomile tea is recommended to calm the nervous system.

Technologies used

Modern extraction technology

Supercritical fluids extraction. The extraction process uses carbon dioxide (CO2) that is exposed to pressure and temperature above critical thresholds. This process changes the physicochemical properties of CO2, bringing it to a supercritical state and acquiring excellent solvent properties. Cycling through pretreated berry or plant material, CO2 extracts high quality fat-soluble substances – oils, fats and waxes. During the extraction, when the CO2 is saturated with the natural products present in the raw materials, and when it arrives in the separators, accordingly decreasing pressure, fat-soluble natural substances of a certain fraction are extracted. By additionally using a secondary solvent, it is possible to acquire polar, biologically active compounds (e.g. polyphenols). After releasing the extracted natural products, the CO2 is collected once again (recycled) and used for further extraction. The acquired products contain no CO2 residues, they are of high quality, stable and microbiologically clean with a long shelf-life. The technology is environmentally friendly and does not use organic solvents that classic extraction technologies employ.

Benefits of the technology


Lyophilization is a dehydration process in low temperature under vacuum. First, the raw material to be dried is frozen, and then, by decreasing pressure, the sublimation process takes place. We use lyophilization to dry the berries, plants, their parts and cakes. When conventional drying technologies are used, the raw material is exposed to high temperatures and it loses its good properties and biological functionality. Lyophilization, on its part, provides the benefit of drying the material in low temperature, which enables preservation of the major part of the biologically active substances. We mainly use lyophilization to prepare the material for extraction. To ensure efficient extraction that can be standardized, high-quality raw materials with high volumes of biologically active substances are necessary.

We offer outsourced lyophilization of various raw materials used in food, such as berries, fruits, vegetables. We develop lyophilization methodologies for every product to ensure process efficiency. Lyophilized berries are frequently used in various food products, for example, in high quality ice cream, patisseries and other products.

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