In vitro research of natural substances

One of the first areas of activity of the company was research of natural products. Other areas of activities were developed later, and they are complementary, building upon and strengthening the company’s overall research and development capacity. While developing new functional foods products, the company faced challenges related to the availability of certain natural products, as well insufficient research and credibility thereof, which has a significant impact on modes of action and effects expected during product development. Currently the company conducts the extraction of various biologically active natural products using medicinal herbs, fruits, berries and vegetables. The company develops its own active substance extraction methods and evaluates and improves their efficiency. The activity and quality of the acquired extracts is assessed by company experts, on certain occasions outsourcing is used. Due to the need to conduct quick and targeted tests, the company has created the infrastructure necessary for the creation of in vitro model systems. The company develops in vitro real-time model systems to evaluate the natural products, and it also conducts cytotoxicity tests. Fully characterized cell cultures are used as a basis for the model systems. Depending on the objective of the research, a specific cell population is selected, and by exposure of the active substance, the speed of their growth and volume in the structure is determined, thus characterizing the effects thereof. Company experts conduct tests and interpret the acquired results.

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