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CELLARTE Ltd., founded in 2012, unites field experts in biology and medicine, aiming to provide research, experimental development and manufacturing services in biotechnologies and extraction of natural products.

Today, CELLARTE Ltd. specializes in the extraction of natural products using state-of-the-art technologies and is a subsidiary of a world-renowned research and new technology development company.

CELLARTE Ltd. conducts natural product extraction research in labs using lab extraction systems, as well as in medium-scale manufacturing environments. The provision of research and manufacturing services is related to lyophilization technology for natural products, as well as the extraction of supercritical fluids using carbon dioxide (CO2) and secondary solvents (for example, ethanol, water and other that have been recognized as safe for use in foods).

In addition, the company engages in experimental agricultural activity in an area of approximately 10 hectares, of which 8 hectares are used for medicinal chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and 2 hectares for marigold (Calendula officinalis) cultivation.

In 2020, an industrial scale supercritical fluids extraction system was implemented, for the extraction of physiologically active natural products from berries, fruits and medicinal herbs, to be used in the following fields:

In addition, the company plans to develop its own line of functional products that will use the high-quality natural product extracts developed by the company:

Considering the solid experience of the company in research and the extraction of natural products, CELLARTE Ltd. also offers contract manufacturing services for the manufacturing of various products of plant origin, using lyophilization (freeze drying) and extraction of supercritical fluids.

The goal of CELLARTE Ltd. is to conduct the research and manufacturing of high added value products in Latvia, therefore we try to use only the raw materials grown in Latvia – berries, plants and fruits, as well processing residues – in order to acquire high added value products. We collaborate with processing plants – we are interested in purchasing by-products of berries and fruits from local producers, as well as to cooperate with them in the further processing treatment thereof.

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