Biologically active substance
research and extraction

In vitro research of natural substances

One of the first areas of activity of the company was research of natural products. Other areas of activities were developed later, and they are complementary, building upon and strengthening the company's overall research and development capacity. While developing new functional foods products, the company faced challenges related to the availability of certain natural products, as well insufficient research and credibility thereof, which has...Read more

Experimental development in biotechnology

Experimental development in biotechnology. One of the main areas of activity of the company is related to developments in biotechnology. Starting from 2012, investment in research and development has been made, to create the technical basis for in vitro multiplication of eukaryotic cells, using automated systems and developing technological processes related to cell multiplication. Using this basis, three sub-lines have been created: acquisition of biologically...Read more

Consultations in biotechnology and development of functional foods

One of the most important and technologically complicated areas of activity is the field of biotechnology. Building upon the research and development infrastructure and increasing the qualifications of the personnel, development of regenerative medicine technologies was started, related to in vitro multiplication of pluripotent stem cells using semi-automated cell multiplication systems. In addition to the creation of production processes, a quality management system and...Read more

Extraction of natural substances and product development

In addition, SIA CELLARTE conducts experimental agricultural activity related to the cultivation of medicinal herbs. The company uses agricultural land for growing chamomiles and marigold, to be used for the extraction of biologically active substances by means of available technologies. The extracted natural products are to be used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food. From the above-mentioned medicinal herbs, an essential oils...Read more

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